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General Contracting

The leader of your project is an important choice…

As a general contractor we oversee the project. You bring us your plans and design then we bring them to life. Next, our estimators build a budget based on your needs. Then we make the schedule, allocate labor and materials, and work with subcontractors.

Residential projects are a great example of a GC project. The client comes in with plans and designs. We make a plan for construction including things like framing, electricity, plumbing, etc. Then the plan is executed, and you move into your new home!

Modoc is licensed as a General Contractor in Oregon, California, and Idaho.

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Our specialties can benefit you…

A construction subcontractor is hired and managed by a general contractor to finish a specific job within a construction project. Basically instead of being in charge of the project we offer our specific services. Examples include plumbers, painters, or electricians.

The Washburn Les Shwab, completed in 2020, is great example of our subcontracting work. We did the metal framing, siding, and concrete. Each of those things is a service Modoc offers. The GC on that project

Our company has a vast range of trades among its 80+ employees, allowing us to perform as a subcontractor for a general contractor.

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Synthetic/Traditional Stucco

If you need stucco, were your guys…

Modoc is the only company in Klamath Falls that still offers this service. We’ve been installing stucco in the Klamath Basin for about 30 years. Most of the commercial stucco on buildings around town was done by us. Our stucco projects have high R values (great for insulation), do not crack, can be highly detailed and customized, are vapor permeable with moisture drainage systems, and carry 30-year warranties. Stucco is great for commercial and residential projects. Some projects you’ve definitely seen are KFC, Sky Lakes, 2/3 Burger Kings, Ross, and even our own Modoc Office and Shop!

Modoc does both traditional and synthetic stucco. We prefer synthetic because it’s much better for insulation, looks a lot cleaner, and doesn’t crack as easily. However, we are happy to talk about your options!

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Metal Buildings

Metal Building HMS
Metal Buildings Have Met Their Match…

Modoc is an exclusive dealer of American Buildings in the Klamath Falls region and can supply their full range of metal building unit’s right to your site.

Metal buildings, whether you need a private homeowner shop or a full-size commercial building, are a good option for rigorous applications such as industrial and agricultural buildings and last for years with precision installation. Our long history as a steel stud framing contractor has made us a preferred contractor for metal building construction.

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Sidewalks, foundations, driveways, whatever you need…

With a constantly growing company we often create new subdivisions to meet our project needs rather than subcontracting services out. In 2019 we really kicked off our concrete crew. We have a concrete project manager who oversees all our concrete work. He sends various teams to our commercial and residential projects. A really good example is our recent work on Homedale that resulted in fresh new sidewalks.

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We can help you from design to completion…

During a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) project, we serve as the construction manager during pre-construction as well as the general contractor during construction. CMGCs stay with the project from its early days of project development until the project concludes. CMGC is a project delivery method that focuses on efficient design, tight schedules, and decreased costs for complex or technically challenging projects. The client is usually a state, regional or municipal agency, although, very hands-on owners may prefer this service as well.As a CMGC we will manage and create the budget, timeline, and allocate people and materials. Notable projects are multiple Fire Stations.

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We don’t build houses we build homes…

We have been in residential construction since our start in 1973. It’s actually a big part of how Modoc got running. In 2020 we expanded our management team to meet the needs of more hands-on clients. After all this is your home, we are building or renovating! Modoc wants you to know you are in the best hands with a business that is big enough to meet the needs of major construction, like building a house ground-up, but also, we are small enough to have a close connection with our residential clients to ensure your dreams and ideas are heard and to the best of our ability, turned into reality.

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Great Rooms




Great Rooms



Seismic Rehabilitation

Seismic Rehab HHS2
The Pacific Northwest is on a Major Fault Line, We Can Help You Be Prepared…

Our biggest seismic rehabilitation contract is with the Klamath County School District. Schools that we’ve worked on include Henley, Peterson, Brixner, and Merrill Elementary.

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Seismic Rehab HHS

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Seismic Rehab HHS4

Walls and Ceilings

The Bones of Our Build…

Walls and ceilings are a really broad way of describing how we give ground up construction its bones and how we restructure the bones of renovations.

Building walls includes framing, drywall, finishing, and finally painting. Ceilings are similar but we also offer wood panel ceilings which add to the aesthetic of any building and acoustic ceilings which is vital to many commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools.

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Cite/Civil Excavation

Digging holes in your backyard…

Well while we can dig holes in your backyard, that only scratches the surface of what our excavation department can do. Our excavation team is growing, and very effective in commercial and residential projects. They do a lot of different things before the projects starts, during, and after. Working seamlessly with our concrete division to do the asphalt and concrete prep. Most of our work is cite development this includes structural footings, grading, and mass excavation. We also do utility work this process involves cutting out driveways, curbs, gutters, and trenches with an excavator for electrical, water, and septic systems.

Another super important service is hardscaping and retaining walls. These help support soil and dirt that we can construct on. We also have ability to haul materials to and from jobsites.

Our major project right now are residential and the big new playground at Moore Park.

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