Cite/Civil Excavation

Digging holes in your backyard…

Well while we can dig holes in your backyard, that only scratches the surface of what our excavation department can do. Our excavation team is growing, and very effective in commercial and residential projects. They do a lot of different things before the projects starts, during, and after. Working seamlessly with our concrete division to do the asphalt and concrete prep. Most of our work is cite development this includes structural footings, grading, and mass excavation. We also do utility work this process involves cutting out driveways, curbs, gutters, and trenches with an excavator for electrical, water, and septic systems.

Another super important service is hardscaping and retaining walls. These help support soil and dirt that we can construct on. We also have ability to haul materials to and from jobsites.

Our major project right now are residential and the big new playground at Moore Park.

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