If you need stucco, were your guys…

Modoc is the only company in Klamath Falls that still offers this service. We’ve been installing stucco in the Klamath Basin for about 30 years. Most of the commercial stucco on buildings around town was done by us. Our stucco projects have high R values (great for insulation), do not crack, can be highly detailed and customized, are vapor permeable with moisture drainage systems, and carry 30-year warranties. Stucco is great for commercial and residential projects. Some projects you’ve definitely seen are KFC, Sky Lakes, 2/3 Burger Kings, Ross, and even our own Modoc Office and Shop!

Modoc does both traditional and synthetic stucco. We prefer synthetic because it’s much better for insulation, looks a lot cleaner, and doesn’t crack as easily. However, we are happy to talk about your options!

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