Dave Marchessault

Job Description

Dave started with Modoc out on the job sites learning and perfecting various skills. He then became a superintendent and project manager with his vital leadership, personnel, technical training, teaching, and delegating skills. His ability to walk onto a project job site and establish any issues with the actual construction or personnel helps the project to be completed precisely and on time. While working under the scope of his promotion to project manager he has built a lengthy portfolio displaying his expertise in various projects be it commercial or residential.

A big part of Dave’s job is working with subcontractors and other team members. He keeps constant track of the project schedule and what is still needed for completion. Organization, employee time management, material availability, and communication with the construction team is one of Dave’s greatest skills.

General Responsibilities

  • Subcontractor Coordination
  • Organization
  • Layout, Scheduling, Problem-Solving
  • Material ordering and delivery
  • Scheduling
  • Site and Owner coordination
  • Safety Manager