Jessica Marchessault

Project Engineer

Clerical Work
With Clients or Onsite

Work Experience

Project Engineer

Paperwork Organizer

9 Years of Experience

Favorite Project To Date

Sleep Inn and Suites

Job Description

Jessica’s job as a project engineer is to make sure all the documentation for each job is completed and correct. Communicating with Architects, Subcontractors, Owners, and Project Managers is a necessary and often overlooked part of the construction process. She can also be found working on proposals for prospective clients and some of our community outreach.

Submittals are included with preconstruction work. This includes drawings, mockups, and projections of the project. The submittal process has many complex phases that she oversees. Submittals are sent from subcontractors, through us as the general contractor, then to the architect to make plans a reality. Purchase orders and Subcontracts are agreements between us and our subcontractors where they agree to the work they are going to do. All this paperwork for our projects pass through her hands. Jessica also works closely with our estimator working on bids and proposals as well as attending meetings about projects and their future construction.

General Responsibilities

  • Write Proposals
  • Manage Submittals
  • Subcontractor POs and Change Orders
  • Attend project meetings/progress notes
  • Subcontractor updates for current projects
  • Collect Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Warranties from Subcontractors
  • Create Close Out Book for the Project owner