Jude Marchessault

Job Description

Jude started out on the job sites doing everything from framing and drywall to managing projects. He then moved into the office where he worked his way to being the Lead project manager and estimator. His experience with many ground-up construction projects is well utilized in any prospective projects.

A big part of Jude’s job is coordinating with the project team to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. He has multiple meetings with clients a week about the progress of their projects as well as routinely visiting job sites to evaluate progress.

Confirming Constructability is essential when starting a project. Jude has a strong relationship with partners throughout the entire construction possess. Be it designers, architects, subcontractors, or our own Modoc employees.

Project Responsibilities

  • Design Input and Preconstruction Budgeting
  • Manages a Competitive Public Bidding Process
  • On-Site Leadership and Management
  • Budget & Schedule Management
  • Subcontractor Prequalification, Selection, and Management
  • Monitor Reports
  • Reviews Quality